Morning Show – Stupid IS as Stupid DOES! – 5/16/18

Morning Show – Stupid IS as Stupid DOES! – 5/16/18

Words lived by Forrest Gump for years…

In fact I have compiled a list of stupid things Joel has done in just the last six months.  I mean, yes… we all have done something stupid during our time here on Earth but Joel is raising the bar to a whole new level.

  • You almost burned down Brown Daub Chevy with an electrical cord.
  • You douched the entire front of the station vehicle with a king sized coffee when you were told never to have liquids in the vehicle.
  • You set off your car alarm at 3am to wake up half of Emmaus.
  • You “forgot” to put your car in park and rammed your new Chevy Cruze through your parent’s garage door.

And the most recent gem…

  • You poured windshield washer fluid into the oil intake in your car. SMART!

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