Morning Show – A Few Things… 8/7/18

Morning Show – A Few Things… 8/7/18

Sad news out of Los Angeles… looks like someone is scooping up the Brady Bunch house. This means that my Producer, Joel is SOL!!! Yeah well, he will get over it!

Here’s one crazy story for ya… Calvin Parker claims he and his friend Charlie were abducted by aliens while fishing in Mississippi all the way back in 1973. Why he just now decided to go public with this story after 45 years… we will never know… but Calvin says that the aliens took him and Charlie onto their ship. Calvin says that the aliens put him on a table then a floating device took several pictures of him. Rest assured… Calvin and Charlie were eventually returned safely to earth! Let this be a lesson to you kids…moonshine can be bad stuff!!

This story is all over the place this week… 2 elderly men escaped the confines of their nursing home on Friday to attend the Wacken Open Air Heavy Metal Festival, police said. The nursing home alerted Police after the gentlemen were found to be missing from the center. Police then found the aging metalheads around 3 a.m. at Wacken Open Air, the world’s biggest heavy metal festival. Thety were there jamming out to bands like Judas Priest and Dokken. I say more power to them!! If I ever make it to 80, I hope I can do something like that!

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