Now Trending! – 1/9/19

Now Trending! – 1/9/19

Ever since his golden globe win for Bohemian Rhapsody, actor Rami Malek has been getting request after request for selfies with him posing as Freddie Mercury. Even Sir Paul McCartney himself said he wants to get a selfie with Malek. I would have to say yes to that too!

Remember the name John Wayne Bobbit? If not, he was the guy who suffered the CHOP heard around the world when his wife Lorena Bobbit chopped off his manhood. Amazon Prime is about to release a documentary about the whole thing. The documentary Lorena hits Prime on February 15th.

Finally, Games of Thrones fans are not happy…not only because this will be the final season, but for the fact the HBO is taking sooooooo long to release it. So the folks at HBO have called in our guy Morgan Freeman to apologize…


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