Now Trending! 1/11/19

Now Trending! 1/11/19

Guys have November where they grow out their facial hair to raise money and awareness for men’s health issues… well ladies your month is here!  They are calling it Januhairy where women are encouraged to let it all grow out. Legs, armpits, and other parts they normally shave in support of the charity Body Gossip which empowers people to be the best version of themselves through arts and education. Click here for more.

A YouTube video shot right up the pike here in Wilkes Barre Pennsylvania is getting the attention of lots of people including the po po! Austina Obscure is a tattoo artist by day and dumpster diver by night. Her and her posse recently posted a video of them going behind department stores and dumpster diving for discarded items. While they found some interesting items, the police are not happy. So note to self…if you are planning to dumpster dive don’t post a YouTube video!

The Kevin Hart Bryan Cranston flick The Upside hits theaters. It’s a story about a felon played by hart who teams up to assist a billionaire who was recently paralyzed from a hang gliding accident. The Upside is in theaters today.


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