Now Trending! – 2/7/19

Now Trending! – 2/7/19

Well it looks like the feud between Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman… which we all thought was just a huge PR Stunt anyway… is now over with a release of a new video that has Reynolds promoting Jackman’s coffee line. Then Jackman… who was supposed to give props to Reynolds line of Gin… did something a little different. Well, stunt or no stunt… both of the celebrity lines of goods are selling, so I guess it worked!

From the pages of the stupidest teens on earth comes a group of kids in Oklahoma City who had one Uber driver drop them off at the Midfirst Bank. They then proceeded to rob the bank and call ANOTHER Uber driver to use as a getaway car. All of the teens were apprehended and arrested.

Finally the new Liam Neeson flick Cold Pursuit hits the big screen. Cold Pursuit hits theaters tonight.


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