Now Trending! – 2/8/19

Now Trending! – 2/8/19

Well Rush fans have been wondering what the future of the band is after rumors of drummer Neil  Pert calling it quits have emerged. Geddy Lee opened up just the other day saying that not only has Pert retired from Rush, but from drumming all together! The big question is… will Rush continue without the legendary drummer? Word on the street is they are already working on some new material behind closed doors.

So if the diet you have tried to keep for your New Year’s resolution isn’t working… you might want to take a look at the diet of actor/voice of Emmet in the new Lego movie. It’s called the Daniel Fast Diet. No alcohol and no meat! How do people do that?!  By the way, The Lego 2 Movie opens in theaters tonight.

Get ready for the return of The Walking Dead. Creator Robert Kirkman thinks fans will like the new season and also had an opinion of all the schools offering courses based on the TV show… he shot THAT idea down… I bet the students don’t think so! The Walking Dead hits TV Sunday.


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