Now Trending! – 2/19/19

Now Trending! – 2/19/19

Well the celebrities that were showing support for Empire star Jussie Smollett are now running for the hills after word that the whole thing may have been staged. Even SNL star Kenan Thompson is having second thoughts about his initial support of the actor. Here’s an idea…its one thing to support someone behind the scenes but get all the facts before you open your mouth on social media…just a thought!

The abuse allegations against singer Ryan Adams continue to heat up.  Several woman and his former wife Mandy Moore are among them… Moore says it was an unhealthy dynamic when they were married.  Ryan Adams has denied all allegations.

Finally word from Hollywood claims that This is Us star Justin Hartley might be the new James Bond! Yesterday Ellen called him out on it and even tried to help him grab the role. No official word on who will get the Bond gig.


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