Now Trending! – 2/21/19

Now Trending! – 2/21/19

Word on the street this morning is the Chicago police intend to arrest Empire star Jussie Smollett in the case where he claimed to be attacked coming out of a subway several weeks ago.  Smollett’s lawyers are planning to have him turn himself into police where he will be charged with filing a false report and disorderly conduct. He could face jail time, fines and repayment for the hundreds of police man hours used to investigate the case.

Start saving your pennies now because the newest generation of smart phones were introduced by Samsung yesterday. The new S-10 lineup included the world’s first foldabale phone. The Galaxy fold goes from a 4.6 inch smartphone and opens up into a 7.3 inch tablet.  It has three rear cameras and can charge other devices just by sitting next to them. Did I mention it comes out April 26th and costs around $2,000? There ya go!

Finally McDonalds has started serving the Shamrock Shake once again. Ah yes, the iconic green colored treat that thousands of shake lovers wait for every year. I think we all know at least one person that is obsessed with limited release fast food items like the Shamrock Shake or McRib and wait patiently all year for days like this. So we here on the Hawk Morning Show decided to crown these unique individuals this week’s Real American Hero…


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