Now Trending! – 2/27/19

Now Trending! – 2/27/19

Troubles continue to mount for R Kelly. A third video tape has now surfaced allegedly showing Kelly with a 14 year old girl. Attorney Michael Avenatti, Stormy Daniels former lawyer, is representing some of the women that have come forward. The 55 minute video is now in the hands of prosecutors.

Imagine this… you’re on a train headed to Los Angeles and you get stuck in the snow…FOR 40 HOURS! It happened on an Amtrack train that got stuck in very deep snow in Eugene Oregon with nearly 200 people on board. Until yesterday, they had been stranded since Sunday. No one was able to leave the train because of the weather conditions. Workers finished clearing nine miles of track before the train started back on its journey.

Admit it, you LOVE to hate Tom Brady. Yes, maybe the QB has a little more mojo than just raw talent… but incredible dedication and a plant based diet are some of the factors contributing to his longevity. It seems wifey Giselle builds a mantel before every game for him. It contains special stones, healing stones and protection stones. She apparently makes Tom say mantras and wear a special necklace before heading off to games. All this talk got us thinking… it sure sounds like an idea for a new church!


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