Now Trending! – 3/20/19

Now Trending! – 3/20/19

Today is the first day of spring. Looking to get into the mood with some sweetness? Dairy Queen is handing out free cones and Rita’s is of course dishing out the Italian ice for free today.

The Trifecta Grill in Illinois was short a busboy for the night so a waitress called her newly retired dad to come help out. His name is Dr. Bill Benge, a retired cardiologist. All the staff was joking about it, but then it happened. Only a few minutes after his arrival, a woman began choking!  He jumped into action and the woman is fine but really what are the odds?

Twitter exploded yesterday when the release of Toy Story 4’s trailer. Pretty much every emotional GIF ever created circulated on social media when Woody reunited with Bo Peep, the Cowboys love interest. Toy Story 4 hits theaters June 21st.




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