Morning Show – The Florida Man Challenge! -3/22/19

Morning Show – The Florida Man Challenge! -3/22/19

While your basketball loving co-workers are taking a sneak peek at March Madness today…some of you might want to take the Florida Man Challenge…the talk of the internet this morning!  Basically what you do is go to google search “Florida man” and your birthday and see what headline pops up. We all know the weirdest crimes happen in the Sunshine State…

RICK – Aug. 23:

  • Half-naked man walks goat in the rain, welcome to Florida!”
  • “A Florida Man let it all hang out at a strip club, dancer says. He wasn’t part of the act”

JOEL – Sep. 10:

  • “Naked Florida man causes fire while baking cookies on George Foreman Grill. Police say he had been drinking and smoking pot all day”.


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