Now Trending! – 4/16/19

Now Trending! – 4/16/19

Justin Bieber is headed to court! He is being sued by a man who was hit by the Beebs truck when he was trying to leave church. The dude was standing in front of Bieber’s truck with a camera and flash going when Bieber reportedly hit the guy. Bieber was not charged, but now the guy is suing claiming negligence. No word from the Bieber camp, but here’s an idea…don’t stand in front of a huge pick up trying to take pictures!! Just sayin!

Tiger Woods not only had the comeback of the century… winning the masters AND the green jacket, but now will also get the presidential medal of freedom from president Trump, the highest honor a civilian can receive. Michael Jordan and Kareem Abdul Jabar have also received that award in the past.

Ed Helms has been making the talk show rounds promoting his new penguin documentary but everyone wants to know… is there going to be an office reboot? He apparently doesn’t know of anything, but never say never!


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