Now Trending! – 4/17/19

Now Trending! – 4/17/19

Can Will Smith carry a tune? While on the set of the new Bad Boys movie, they celebrated co-star Martin Lawrence’s birthday and Will belted out a Debbie Boone song… or tried to anyway! Better stick to acting man! Geez.

If you are a lover of Chewy Chips Ahoy, they are recalling them nationwide because as the company says they “may contain an unidentified solidified ingredient”. Someone needs to explain to me what an unidentified solidified ingredient is… but regardless if you have em, take em back! People have reported gagging, choking and dental injuries.

In this day and age of the biopic, movie moguls are getting ready to target rockers with a long history of the Rock and Roll lifestyle. Rod Stewarts name has been tossed around and he says he wouldn’t mind… in fact his son even said he could play the Young Turk! With what I know about Rod’s history, this would be a must see flick! We shall see.


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