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  • Olive Garden Introduces Italian "Pot Pies!"

    Olive Garden is now selling a spaghetti pie which is full of seven cheeses, bacon, meatballs, and lots more good stuff; and with the holiday weekend coming up a lot of us will be traveling and that means the TSA will be holding us travelers up more than usual so we had Morgan Freeman apologize in advance for any inconveniences during your travels. Read More
  • Tough Love with Siri - Birthday Lunches at Work

    Maybe you work somewhere that celebrates employees birthdays with a special lunch. Well Maggie says one of her coworkers refuses to go to the birthday lunch unless she chooses the restaurant, even when its not her birthday! Read More
  • Hank Azaria of The Simpsons Gives Classic Commencement Address!

    Hank Azaria the voice of a plethora of Simpsons characters delivered the commencement address at Tufts University as a bunch of different Simpsons favorites and the graduating class went absolutely nuts; A good majority of people out there have a fear of spiders, but West Virginia weatherman Bryan Hughes ... Read More
  • Tough Love with Siri - Daytime TV

    Ever feel down about yourself? We all have and 99% of the time it's all in our heads, so what can one do to feel better almost instantly? Watch daytime TV programming! Read More
  • Mom's Chewbacca Video Goes Viral F-A-S-T!

    A viral video on Facebook now has the most views in the social media websites history as a woman bought a Chewbacca mask and was apparently extremely entertained ... Read More
  • Tough Love with Siri - Slow Computers

    Siri we got a pretty simple one for you on a Monday. Our buddy Gary wants to know why every time he goes to use his computer it just keeps getting slower and slower and slower. Any ideas on why that could be Siri? Read More

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