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  • Weekly Weed News - Too High? Don't Call 911

    A 22 year old man from Ohio called 911 because he was too high. The Hawk Morning Show's resident stoners, Cheech & Chong, have something to say about this one... Read More
  • Tough Love with Siri

    iPhone's "intelligent personal assistant and knowledge navigator" Siri has been giving some edgy answers to our questions lately. The Hawk Morning show lets listeners have a shot at asking Siri a question! Read More
  • Oktoberfest Celebrity Skills Challenge

    We had a blast at the 2015 Oktoberfest Celebrity Skills Challenge at Oktoberfest presented by Yuengling at Steelstacks! The 99.9 The Hawk Team took home 5th place. Read More
  • The Hawk Morning Show - Highlights for Mon, Oct 12

    Monday's Highlights - The Morning Mindbender - Now Trending! - Obama has some advice for Kayne, Will Ferrell's bar 'Stay Classy New York' opens, Laundroid robot does your laundry.... Read More
  • MacGyver reboot coming soon

    Hawk Morning Show 'Bad-vertisment'

    With all the TV Shows being rebooted, there is alot of talk about MacGyver coming back! We're not sure how well this will work out with all the new technology that may make things different for Mac... Read More
  • The Hawk Morning Show - Highlights for Fri, Oct 9

    Friday's Highlights - The Morning Mindbender - Now Trending! - Celebs don't want their show rebooted, Facebook getting more that just a Dislike button, Man found in pile of junk food after calling 911 because he was 'too high'... Read More
  • Are you a Phubber?

    Morning Show Song Parody

    Phubbing can ruin your relationship. Are you a Phubber? Is your relationship in jeopardy due to Phubbing? Read More
  • Back to the Future II predicts the future?

    With the date that Marty and Doc traveled into the future coming up this month, take a look at all the things from the movie that have come to reality. Hoverboards? Self Lacing Shoes? Are the Cubs going to win the World Series? Read More
  • The Hawk Morning Show - Highlights for Thurs, Oct 8


    Thursday's Highlights - The Morning Mindbender - Now Trending! - The crazy Quaids are at it again with another video, Chester Cheetah for Mayor, Ronda Rousey calls out Justin Bieber... Read More
  • Online Fantasy Football Insider Trading Scandal

    Hawk Morning Show 'Bad-vertisment'

    Well, we can't say we didn't see this one coming. Employees of the online Fantasy Football betting sites, FanDuel and DraftKings, were using inside information and placing bets with the competition...and won big! Read More

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