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  • Charlie Sheen Emojis Now Available; God Help Us All!

    The newest emoji's are available for download and are created by Charlie Sheen, called "Sheenoji's;" and with the Memorial Day weekend here the police will be out in full force so drive safe and remember these rhyming phrases to keep you from getting a ticket ... Read More
  • Tough Love with Siri - Airplane Drink Cart

    Any time you're on a plane the best part is when the drink cart comes around, but have you ever been asleep when it happens? Or have you ever had the guy next to you sleeping when the cart comes by and wondered ... Read More
  • A Bird? A UFO? No, It's the Solar Impulse 2 Solar Plane!

    Did you see a UFO in the Lehigh Valley last night? No you didn't, you saw the amazing "Solar Impulse 2" a plane that runs completely on solar power which made a landing at the Lehigh Valley International Airport as it makes it's trek around the world; a new gym opening in San Francisco will allow you to smoke weed while you work out; and a 90s pop icon ... Read More
  • Tough Love with Siri - Smelly People

    Siri, what do you think of people who come to work smelling so horrifically they drive people out of the building? Read More
  • Axalta "We Paint Winners" 400 at Pocono Raceway!

    NASCAR racing returns to Pocono Raceway for the 2016 season with the Axalta "We Paint Winners" 400 on June 5th! Read More

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