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  • Led Zeppelin Wins!

    Led Zeppelin was found not guilty by a Los Angeles jury in the case of the band stealing the opening riff to "Stairway to Heaven" from the band Taurus; how about this for a strange story, a Texas woman went in to get jaw surgery and came out with a British accent! Seriously! ... Read More
  • Tough Love with Siri - Continental Breakfast at Hotels

    Siri, what is your take on the continental breakfast? Read More
  • Independence Day Resurgence WILL NOT Let you Down; All Because of Jeff Goldblum!

    Independence Day: Resurgence hits theaters today! Jeff Goldblum says unlike most movie sequels this one won't fall flat; Cleveland streets were flooded with Cavaliers fans yesterday as over 1 million Cavs fans showed up for their championship parade ... Read More
  • Tough Love with Siri - Bad Birthday Gifts From the Spouse

    We got an email from Mary who said he husband bought her an expensive blouse for her birthday. She wants to exchange it but thinks it will hurt his feelings if she does. Siri what should Mary, and all the wives in this same predicament do? Read More
  • Ben & Jerry's Beer?!?

    Craft beer is a big deal to a lot of people now a days so how about Ben & Jerry's coming out with a chocolate chip cookie dough beer?; and if you're bored with your current wife why not add a second one into the mix? A new website called secondwife.com will help you find your one and only ... again Read More

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