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Client Testimonials

“Working with Cumulus Media has helped us to grow our business tremendously. When we first opened our doors in 2001 we didn’t know how to get the calls we needed to grow. Since working with [them], we have increased our web and social media presence and have gained the interest and trust of the community. Now we are getting calls every day and have been able to hire more people and invest in another business location.”

– Rory Ackley Gregoris, Recruitment Specialist, Lehigh Center for Clinical Research

“We’ve been advertising with Cumulus Media for many years and we see a consistent growth in concert ticket sales every week that we advertise on their stations.”

– Tim Louie, Marketing Director, SLP Concerts

“Rick Michaels did an amazing job in promoting us during the live broadcast and the feedback we received from the numerous people that showed up for the event proved that marketing through 99.9 The Hawk was  the right decision…we have 3 homes under contract now in large part from the success of the grand opening.”

– Joseph Cenchitz, CNRS, Coldwell Banker Hearthside Realtors

“We have been having great success by expanding our marketing efforts to include digital marketing techniques aside from the traditional radio buys. In the past year, we’ve done numerous ticket giveaway, which generated on-air mentions for our shows while allowing the stations to give back to their listeners. These are often promoted and shared through our social media sites. We also make frequent website banner ad purchases and have also done some homepage takeovers. These techniques are especially successful for our rock shows.”

– Amanda Kasinecz, Marketing & Special Event Manager, Sands Bethlehem Event Center

“For the past several years Cumulus Media has put together advertising packages vital to the promotion and enhancement of fundraising events that I have put on to benefit local wounded warriors.  These low cost packages have included everything from recorded and live radio spots, social media promotion and radio talent appearing at the event.  The success of these events can be partially attributed to the brand endorsement provided by Cumulus.”

– Eric Kowal, Semper Fi Marketing

“Thank you for the Ticket Man promo this summer. We got positive feedback from all of our vendors and customers…the info. you have supplied to us was very valuable.”

– Laruen Case, Phillipsburg Mall

“Both Discover Lehigh Valley and 99.9 The Hawk had a need. The Hawk wanted a calendar of events and Discover Lehigh Valley wanted everyone to know we had one. Collectively, we found a way to embed the Discover Lehigh Valley Calendar of Events on 999thehawk.com and a partnership was formed. Now people know this calendar or events exists on DiscoverLehighValley.com ranking this page continuously in the top three most visited pages on DiscoverLehighValley.com.”

– Ryan Hogan, Director of Marketing, Discover Lehigh Valley




A new survey by One Poll reveals that 20% of people are planning to give somebody a ‘take the hint’ holiday gift this year. TOP 10 MOST COMMON “HINT” GIFTS Deodorant/perfume 36% Cookbook 31% Self-help book 22% Exercise equipment 22% Cleaning supplies 21% Alarm clock 20% Toothbrush/toothpaste 20% Gym membership 18% Breath mints 18% Razor…

Now Trending! – 12/10/19

Now Trending! – 12/10/19

Sean Hunter played the husband in the infamous Peloton ad that was criticized for being sexist. He says he had no idea that the commercial would cause such a controversy. Sean, who is an elementary school teacher by day, said he was just an actor and can’t believe the backlash. He said Peleton should make…

Siri’s New Name for You… – 12/9/19

Siri’s New Name for You… – 12/9/19

If you have an iPhone, you already know all about Siri… Yes, Siri will call you by your name, but you can type in any “name” you want and Siri will say it back to you. It’s been all over Social Media, especially this past weekend, but people are now typing in long strings of…

The CURSE of CURSIVE! – 12/9/19

The CURSE of CURSIVE! – 12/9/19

In New Jersey, Assembly woman Angela McKnight has introduced a bill that would require elementary schools to teach kids how to read and write in the graceful, flowing loops that were taught to previous generations… CURSIVE! Ah yes, cursive handwriting.  It’s fallen out of favor in the digital age, even getting dropped from Common Core…