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Winners can pick up prizes at the new 99.9 The Hawk offices, located at 2158 Avenue C, Suite 100, Bethlehem, PA 18017 (not far from the L.V. International Airport). 

Winners have 30 days to pick up non-dated prizes such as gift certificates and gift cards. For all dated prizes such as concert tickets and event passes, you have until the night before the show to claim your prize. If the concert or event is on a Saturday or Sunday, you MUST claim your prize by Thursday at 5pm.

Hours for prize pickup are Monday – Friday between 8am and 5pm. Closed on Federal Holidays, Black Friday and at 2pm the day prior to a holiday. If the Holiday falls on a Monday, our offices close at 2pm Friday.  Winners MUST present proper ID to get their prize – no exceptions.  Prizes are NOT transferable. Only the winner, their spouse or a dependent age 18 or older can claim the prize. 

Call (610) 266-7600 during normal business hours with any questions or email: Please refer to contest rules for details.

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Kobe Update / Social Morons… 1/28/20

Kobe Update / Social Morons… 1/28/20

It never ceases to amaze me how people will start on Social Media with fake crap after a tragedy like the helicopter crash that killed 9 people including Kobe Bryant. Yesterday a ton of videos hit YouTube and Social Media claiming to be the actual footage of the crash. It shows a chopper spinning out…



The other day Joel comes to me and tells me that a whole bunch of his buddies want him to move into a house with them… to be roommates! They all split expenses… piece of cake! Good idea or bad idea?  There is nothing wrong with that, unless of course you have had some bad…

Now Trending! – 1/28/20

Now Trending! – 1/28/20

Well the apologies are still coming out after a couple of mispronunciations during the Grammies. Yesterday we told you about comedian Jim Gaffigan’s flub when he butchered Camila Cabello’s name. Yesterday Sharon and Kelly Osborne hit social media apologizing for how they mispronounced “DJ Khalid”. Hey, it happens! If you are planning to order in…

Phone Blast! – 1/27/20

Phone Blast! – 1/27/20

Hey Rick & Joel… My sister recently sold her house and will be renting again for the first time in at least a decade. She’s already been looking at apartments and told me how shocked she was at all the personal information she had to disclose just to fill out an application. I told her……