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Winners can pick up prizes at the new 99.9 The Hawk offices, located at 2158 Avenue C, Suite 100, Bethlehem, PA 18017 (not far from the L.V. International Airport). 

Winners have 30 days to pick up non-dated prizes such as gift certificates and gift cards. For all dated prizes such as concert tickets and event passes, you have until the night before the show to claim your prize. If the concert or event is on a Saturday or Sunday, you MUST claim your prize by Thursday at 5pm.

Hours for prize pickup are Monday – Friday between 8am and 5pm. Closed on Federal Holidays, Black Friday and at 2pm the day prior to a holiday. If the Holiday falls on a Monday, our offices close at 2pm Friday.  Winners MUST present proper ID to get their prize – no exceptions.  Prizes are NOT transferable. Only the winner, their spouse or a dependent age 18 or older can claim the prize. 

Call (610) 266-7600 during normal business hours with any questions or email: Please refer to contest rules for details.

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The Hawk Morning Show Confessional… 10/17/19

The Hawk Morning Show Confessional… 10/17/19

Every Thursday we have a Lehigh Valley resident enter the Hawk Confessional to confess something he or she did or does… then we deliver a penance or pass judgement. Now I know you’re saying… who does this?! While I don’t have an answer for that, we have been flooded with confessions on the confession line which…

A Few Things… 10/17/19

A Few Things… 10/17/19

20-year-old Austin Davis of Keystone Heights Florida has eaten nothing but macaroni and cheese for seventeen years. Therapist Asley McHan says Davis has a selective eating disorder known as avoidant/restrictive food intake disorder, a mental condition where new foods can trigger negative physical reactions. It may stem from childhood trauma and PTSD. Former Teen Mom reality star…

Now Trending! – 10/17/19

Now Trending! – 10/17/19

What is it with game show contestants lately who when asked about their personal lives they give some unusual answers.  The other night on Wheel of Fortune a contestant said he was the “victim of a loveless marriage” and had “rotten kids”… you thought THAT was bad. Yesterday on Family Feud, host Steve Harvey was…

A Funny Funeral… 10/15/19

A Funny Funeral… 10/15/19

A true prankster had his last laugh at his own funeral … Shay Bradley recently brought laughs to his own funeral by recording a prank audio message before he passed away. The message said, “Hello?!? Let me out!!! It’s dark in here!!!” It contained a sound effect of him banging on his coffin. Shay then…