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Tip #1: Information for Loans

Steve Patterson, Senior Vice President and Lending Officer of ESSA Bank

"What types of information would I need to provide for a residential loan?" 

"For a residential loan, any bank you go to is going to have an application for you to complete. Some will do it online, some will still use a written application. They're also going to be looking for your complete person tax returns, and don't forget your W-2's, and K-1's if you file K-1's with your tax return."

"Now what if I was a local or small business owner?"

As a small business owner the information your bank is going to look for are going to be the complete tax returns of the business or your account prepared statements if you have them. Also, don't be surprised if the bank would like a personal financial statement and your personal tax returns to go along with that business application."

Financial Sense courtesy of ESSA Bank and Trust‚Äč. For locations and to find out how they can help you visit essabank.com