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Everyone looks for different qualities when searching for a financial institution. Convenience, friendly service, competitive rates, these are usually right at the top. We believe these are important as well, but we also believe you should be able to bank with confidence, in knowing you will be transacting business with someone who has confidence in themselves, and who puts your needs first. Confidence isn’t given, it’s earned. And we’ll work hard each day to earn yours.


ESSA Bank & Trust will be the leading service-oriented community financial institution offering a full range of financial products to Eastern Pennsylvania customers. We will ensure our long-term prosperity by providing products and service in a manner consistent with high standards of quality, on a profitable basis, at the fairest price, in order to create the best possible value for our customers. They will be delivered through distribution systems staffed and supported by customer-driven, friendly, productive employees with a high degree of integrity.


Our Guiding Principles


There are five Guiding Principles on which our Mission Statement is based:

•We believe in long term success, operating as a safe, sound and stable institution. Long term success is dependent upon profits, but never will profit seeking compromise our mission.

•We believe in satisfying the wants and needs of our customers. Satisfaction is dependent upon a continual improvement of our service, products, systems, and operations.

•We believe our employees are our most valuable asset. Our employees will be provided with a work environment which is “the best in town.”

•We believe our decisions should enhance ESSA's value. Enhanced value is achieved through quality earnings, growth, and strong management practices.

•We believe in supporting our community through employee volunteering and charitable giving to improve the quality of life. The ESSA Bank & Trust Foundation has been established to support this principle.

Financial Sense

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