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  • New Kids Toy! – 6/23/17

    Now Trending! - 6/23/17

    A new toy that truly is a bad idea, two new TV shows come to ABC, and take your dog to work day… all part of what’s hot today! Read More
  • Celeb Sees UFO! - 6/22/17

    Now Trending- 6/22/17

    Kurt Russell sees a UFO, Transformers flick finds a homeless dog some loving owners, and Ashton Kutcher’s guilty pleasure… all part of what’s hot today! Read More
  • Mispronouncing Words – 6/21/17

    Now Trending! - 6/21/17

    Yesterday we discussed briefly how Rick’s wife can’t pronounce the world “brewery”… she says something along the lines of “brery”. Yesterday my son and his girlfriend Maddy were in town, and I discovered that Maddy can’t pronounce the word “spaghetti” she says “scabetti”. Do you or someone you know pronounce words wrong? Read More
  • National Selfie Day?! - 6/21/17

    Now Trending! - 6/21/17

    Oprah's awkward selfie in honor of national selfie day, Daniel Day calls it quits, and the new Transformers flick....all part of what's hot today! Read More
  • The New Superhero! – 6/20/17

    Now Trending! - 6/20/17

    Move over superman and step aside Ironman! Dos Eques and the old man, and Amazon's version of Whole Foods...... all part of what's hot today! Read More
  • No Horns for Simmons! - 6/19/17

    Now Trending- 6/19/17

    Gene Simmons announced last week that he is planning on trademarking the iconic rock horns hand gesture that he used in the 70s. Today is national eat an Oreo day, and RIP Flounder. Read More

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