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  • The Hawk Morning Show Soundboard... 2/21/18

    Hawk Morning Show Highlights

    We break out the Hawk Morning Show soundboard this morning and try to fire up a dude from the Valley with the voice of Redd Foxx. Read More
  • A New Lucky Charm! - 2/21/18

    ...and more of today's trending stories!

    An interesting way to kick off a new marriage, Lucky Charms adds a marshmallow, and a new flick hitting theaters this weekend... all part of what's hot today! Read More
  • What's New in the Board Game World?!

    Hawk Morning Show Highlights

    The Folks at Mattel are launching a new follow up game to the classic "Uno". Rick discuses this morning... Read More
  • The New "Two for One Special"

    Hawk Morning Show Highlights

    Two guys try to sneak into a movie theater at Black Panther premiere pretending to be one... totally clever! Read More
  • U.K Chicken Shortage!! - 2/20/18

    ...and more of today's trending stories!

    Austin Dillon celebrates his victory in an odd way, KFC is in trouble in the U.K, and National Handcuff Day... all part of what's hot today! Read More

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