Cool Movie Memorabilia Up For Bid!

"Invaluable (formerly Artfact) is the world’s largest online auction marketplace of fine and decorative arts, antiques, collectibles, and estate sales."


Here's some current items on the auction block:

A Christmas present for the “Titanic” fan who has everything. The actual lifeboat used to rescue Rose in the movie. It’s 28-feet-long and is expected to go for as much as $60,000 in an auction.

The overcoat Don Corleone wore when he was shot in “The Godfather” is also up for bid. It could sell for up to $50,000.

A spacesuit Mork wore in “Mork and Mindy” is expected to sell for as much as $30,000.

Wilson the volleyball from “Castaway” is also on the block. The high bid could be $15,000.