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RIP Chuck Berry. - 3/20/17

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People everywhere are mourning the death of legend Chuck Berry.  Social media exploded this weekend with comments from music legends paying their respects for the man who many think was the greatest practitioner, guitarist and the greatest pure rock and roll writer who ever lived. Chuck Berry was 90.


Say goodbye to “Buzz” the Honey Nut Cheerio bee……Cheerios has pulled buzz from their cereal boxes.  Why? Well, according to Cheerios, it’s because of the declining bee population. Cheerios has launched an effort called “bring back the bee” and will hand out 100 million packs of wildflowers to be planted to help bring back the bee population.



And finally with March Madness in full swing, studies have shown that vasectomies are up 50% during march madness. This is so some guys can just sit around and recover and watch the games. Crazy right?  What we thought would be even crazier is if a basketball icon opened up a vasectomy clinic…..someone like Dickie V….