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Kitchen Complaints... 11/02/17

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Everyone that does the cooking on a regular basis has at least one thing that drives them crazy. It could be a time consuming step in the cooking process or something in the kitchen you just loath. Well someone with a lot of free time has compiled a list of irritating things that they hate while cooking or just in the kitchen. I personally have two things; first the razor blade like cutting thing in the aluminum foil box… I cut my freaking finger every time! And the other is… onion peels! You know that irritating outer orange like skin that seems to stick to everything like static electricity. 


Some other things on the list…..
  1. Trimming Brussel sprouts
  2. Pitting Olives
  3. Peeling Garlic
  4. Peeling hard-boiled eggs that aren't ready to be peeled


How about you? Let us know!