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The Loser Parade!! – 1/3/18

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Well the Browns almost did not have a complete losing season. It’s all because of that botched catch that would have put them on top of the Steelers for their first win. They finished the season 0-16.  Browns fans are not happy! A dude named Chris McNeil jokingly said if they go 0-16 he will raise 10 grand to throw a perfect losing season parade in the city.  Well he is keeping his promise and with the help of Excedrin…..clever!  He raised the cash and the parade is on… happening this Saturday in Cleveland.

The rocker who has cheated death more than any other Keith Richards recently said in an interview that he wants “I told you I was sick, you can add the credits later” to be the opening line on his tombstone when he dies…let’s face it this guy will probably outlive us all.

And finally if you are one of those that make your resolution to lose weight and spend thousands on exercise gear only to have it become a clothing rack in a few months, the Hawk creative team has come up with a product they say can help you save money and accomplish a couple of things…