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Who Invented the Hummer? – 1/10/18

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Who invented the Hummer? Well according to Arnold Schwarzenegger, he did! In a recent episode of Jay Lenos garage, Arnold told the story of how he won’t ride in an electric car and he told Chrysler to build the hummer…..yeah and Al Gore invented the internet too… right?!?! 

Ice Skater Tonya Harding walked off an Interview after Piers Morgan asked why she portrays herself as a victim when it comes to her husband's attack on rival skater Nancy Kerrigan. You know someone was bound to do it right? Yikes…


Today marks the second anniversary of the death of rock icon David Bowie. Bowie is still missed and his music still lives on in many different ways. Like do you remember that one time in The Simpson’s when Homer sings a version of Changes while giving his car an oil change…not sure if Bowie would approve of that one though.