Now Trending! – 10/19/18

Well Marvel movie fans have been asking the question… will there ever be another Spiderman flick since he was apparently killed off in the Avengers Infinity War flick?  Well last night on Jimmy Kimmel, Tom Holland the current Spiderman dropped in and then dropped the bomb… look for another Spiderman flick to hit theaters next…


Now Trending! – 10/18/18

Every wonder why Gary Busey seems so off the rails most  of the time. Well on Dr. Phil yesterday he admitted to snorting cocaine off of his dog…..well that explains a lot   Just a heads  up kids while you are getting ready for trick or treating word on the street is houses that have…


Now Trending! – 10/17/18

Well if you heard screams last night…it wasn’t trick or treaters…it wasn’t someone watching a horror flick loudly…it was someone that was upset at the fact that YouTube crashed! For nearly two hours… the world did not know how to handle the fact that for some reason everyone on the planet earth was unable to…

2016 MTV Video Music Awards - Arrivals

Now Trending! – 10/15/18

A big question floating around especially after this past week is… just how far off the rails is Kanye West? Just nine days after shutting down all social media, the rapper took to live stream to deliver a message about mind control…I have no words.   If you are a fan of Pop Tarts…get ready…

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