Music is my life.  I bought my first record at age 4 and had a full-blown stereo system in my room by age 11.  I got my first job in radio when I was in high school.  I started as a typist, but annoyed the program director until he agreed to put me on the air.  It took me three weeks to break him.  I went to college, but not for radio.  Radio actually helped pay for college.  I have two degrees – Accounting and Business Management.  I spent 10 years working in the banking industry while also working in radio.  Previous radio stops include:  WSPI in Shamokin, PA; WZXR in Williamsport, PA; 16 years at WZZO in Allentown, PA; 979X in Wilkes-Barre; and WMMR in Philly.


I can’t cook, I don’t clean and I eat children for breakfast.  I’m more at home in a garage under the hood of a car than in a kitchen in front of a stove.  I use my oven to store clothes.  I have no domestic skills and have the manners of a truck driver (no offense to truck drivers).  I’m loud, forward and inappropriate at times.  I grew up near Mount Carmel, PA – the heart of the Coal Region of Pennsylvania, “where the men are men and so are the women.”  

I love animals, but I must be missing a “mother chromosome” because I can’t stand kids.  I think parents who allow their children to be unruly in public should be subject to a public flogging.  I see no need for anyone to be lazy.  The fire lane is for fire trucks. Park your car and walk to return your video rental.  And for the love of God, it won’t kill you to return the shopping cart to the store.  To my knowledge, no one has ever died from doing so.  

I’m not afraid of mice, rats or snakes, but will run for the hills if I see a spider.  I love all animals.  If it has four legs, fur, feathers, flies or swims, I dig it!   I used to have a kitty named Skye.  I miss her every day!  Sahara entered my life on New Year’s Day 2014 and he’s the kitty from hell!

I’m a “recovering Catholic” with a thirst to find meaning in everything.  I consider myself a student of spirituality searching for my mission in life.  My dad was my hero.  If I get through this life and can be one quarter the person he was, I’ll consider myself a success!

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