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Actress Alyssa Milano is speaking out about the after effects of the Coronavirus after she contracted it.  She said they have really taken a toll on all parts of her body as she continues to recover.

Ken Jeong’s new show, I Can See Your Voice premieres tonight on Fox. Contestants must guess whether singers are good or bad without ever hearing them sing. I Can See Your Voice premieres tonight at 9 on Fox.

And this week’s viral video… so far anyway… is from A California TikTok user, LadyRaRoo who posted a video following her encounter with police after a neighbor called the cops reporting a rowdy pool party which she claims was just her and her two kids just dipping their feet into a baby pool.  She said even the cops were confused.  The video has over 2 million views so far.

@ladyrarooOur angry neighbor called the cops on us 😆 ##poolparty ##neighbors♬ original sound – LadyRaRoo