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Uncle Sams Giveaway

Uncle Sam's Giveaway

Try your luck and enter to win the Uncle Sam’s Giveaway for a chance at winning a $5,000 bailout!MORE

99.9 The Hawk Contest Rules

On-Going:  WODE Sound Effects Cinema 2024 Week of April 15, 2024 WODE-Contest Roulette_OfficialRules-4-15-24 WODE-Mindbender_OfficialRules-4-15-24 WODE-Masked-Celebrity_OfficialRules-4-15-24 WODE-RaspberryTheatreContest_OfficialRules-4-15-24 Week of April 8, 2024 WODE-ContestRoulette-Official Rules-4-8-24 WODE-Mindbender_OfficialRules-4-8-24 WODE-SingTheNextLine-Celebrity_OfficialRules-4-8-24 WODE-RaspberryTheatreContest_OfficialRules-4-8-24 Week of April 1, 2024 WODE-Contest Roulette_OfficialRules-4-1-24 WODE-Mindbender_OfficialRules-4-1-24 WODE-SingTheNextline_OfficialRules-4-1-24 WODE-RaspberryTheatreContest_OfficialRules-4-1-24 Week of March 25, 2024 WODE-Contest Roulette_OfficialRules-3-25-24 WODE-Mindbender_OfficialRules-3-25-24 WODE-Masked-Celebrity_OfficialRules-3-25-24 WODE-RaspberryTheatreContest_OfficialRules-3-25-24 WODE_WEEKEND-GOLF-OFFICIAL-RULES Week of March 18, 2024 WODE-Contest Roulette_OfficialRules-3-18-24 WODE-Mindbender_OfficialRules-3-18-24…MORE

Hawk Morning Show – Contests

ATTENTION: PLEASE BE ADVISED that we will no longer be mailing prizes. Prizes that were once mailed will now need to be picked up at the radio station at 2158 Avenue C., Suite 100, Bethlehem, Pa.  Winners MUST text 610.231.4049 or email [email protected] to coordinate pick up. Pickup hours will vary but are typically Wednesdays…MORE