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  • And the Next KFC Colonel Sanders is ...

    We all know KFC has been using lots of different actors to portray Colonel Sanders but their latest choice may have to be permanent; Last night on American's Got Talent a man named Brian Justin Crum killed it with his versions of Queen's "Somebody to Love" which got him a standing ovation by the fans and judges, also has over ... Read More
  • Tough Love with Siri - "Model Has to Pee" Pose

    We all know that one popular pose models do with their legs crossed, and I always thought it looked like they had to go to the bathroom. Well apparently Susan of Bangor thought the same thing ... Read More
  • Kim Liszka Interview - Local "American Tarzan" Contestant

    Discovery Channel's newest show "American Tarzan" is set to launch next Wednesday July 6th at 10pm EST and a local woman is competing! Kim Liszka, an ER nurse from Macungie, will be one of seven contestants on the grueling survivor-esque TV show. Read More
  • Morgan Freeman Apologizes for Brexit!

    If you're an American thinking Brexit won't affect you, don't be so sure. Since Britain leaving the EU could bring damage to us as well we had our buddy Morgan Freeman apologize ahead of time once again; A new show on the Discovery Channel called "American Tarzan" will premier next week and an Allentown woman will be on it! Listen for Rick's interview with Kim Liska tomorrow as she talks about the survival in the jungle for the show ... Read More
  • Tough Love with Siri - Husband Hates Date Night

    In life today we are all always working and busy so lots of relationships rely on "date nights" to keep the flame of romance burning, but a local woman says her husband seems to be getting annoyed about their date nights recently ... Read More
  • Is Aerosmith Calling it Quits?

    Aerosmith could be finished, and according to front man Steven Tyler they will embark on a farewell tour next year ... didn't KISS and The Who say they "were done" too before going out on more tours? Apparently the newest dining trend sweeping the world is nude dining ... Read More

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  • Franklin Cancels Musikfest Appearance

    Musikfest’s 2016 main stage lineup will take on a slightly different look in the coming weeks as the Aretha Franklin show on Aug. 8 has been cancelled. Read More
  • Get Awesome Prizes!

    Always hear Kara awarding awesome prizes to a lucky Hawk Workforce listener's office? Want to get in on the action? Then register your place of work for the One O'clock Back To Work Perk! Read More
  • St. Luke's Medical Minute

    Check out the St. Luke's Medical Minute every week on our website. St. Luke's will be discussing various health related topics every week and will have valuable information regarding many medical concerns. Read More
  • Hawk Workforce Contests

    Wanna win cool stuff? Check out the Workforce Exclusive prize page for cool contests and prizes such as cash and concert tickets. Its free and simple, just be a Hawk Workforce Member. Read More