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  • Be One w/ the Force! – 11/21/17

    ... and more of today's trending stories!

    is "Jediism" a real thing? David Cassidy still hospitalized, and this week's Real American Hero... all part of what's hot today! Read More
  • The Loser Line - 11/20/17

    Your weekly batch of tools!

    What do you do at the bar when you are being hit on by some loser? Give them your number? Hell no! Give them the number to the loser line! Read More
  • Up For Grabs!

    What YOU can win...

    A sneak peakat what you can win-- all this week! Read More
  • RIP Malcolm Young! - 11/20/17

    ... and more of today's trending stores.

    The world says goodbye to Malcolm Young, making reservations for Santa, and Bill Murray's new Facebook Show... all part of what's hot today! Read More
  • National Facebook Unfriend Day! - 11/17/17

    ... and more of today's trending stories!

    Al Franken is in hot water, Blake Shelton lives up to his "sexiest man alive" crown, and the day where you can delete some of those annoying friends on the good old social media outlets... all part of what's hot today! Read More
  • Kitchen Complaints... 11/02/17

    Hawk Morning Show Highlights

    Everyone that does the cooking on a regular basis has at least one thing that drives them crazy... what's yours? Read More

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  • Eagles 2018 North American Tour

    The Eagles – Don Henley, Joe Walsh & Timothy B. Schmit, with Vince Gill and Deacon Frey – have set initial tour dates for 2018, including a stop in Philadelphia. Read More
  • AC/DC Co-Founder Malcolm Young Dead at 64

    Malcolm Young, co-founder of AC/DC has died at the age of 64. The guitarist and pioneer of rock had fought a 3 year battle with dementia, and is believed to have succumbed to the illness. Read More
  • Get Awesome Prizes!

    Always hear Kara awarding awesome prizes to a lucky Hawk Workforce listener's office? Want to get in on the action? Then register your place of work for the One O'clock Back To Work Perk! Read More
  • St. Luke's Medical Minute

    Check out the St. Luke's Medical Minute every week on our website. St. Luke's will be discussing various health related topics every week and will have valuable information regarding many medical concerns. Read More