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  • NATIONAL WINE DAY!! - 5/25/17

    Now Trending! - 5/25/17

    Today is May 25th and it is also National Wine Day. Ariana Grande has suspended her tour after the Manchester terror attack and artists from around the globe are sending love across the pond. And the re-installment of Baywatch and Pirates of the Caribbean. Read More
  • Top Gun 2?! - 5/24/17

    Now Trending! - 5/24/17

    Tom Cruise comes clean on the rumors of a Top Gun 2, ABCs reboot of Dirty Dancing, and the world says goodbye to Sir Roger Moore. Read More
  • The Fidget Spinner App - 5/23/17

    Now Trending! - 5/23/17

    That little toy you can find everywhere now for a couple of bucks that has the world spinning endlessly between their fingers now has an app, the Husky that last week entered a dollar store in California and pilfered a loaf of wonder bread, and Taco Bell reportedly will give away free tacos during the NBA finals. Read More
  • The Nuge for President!!! -5/22/17

    Now Trending! - 5/22/17

    Ted Nugent recently said nothing is out of the question when it comes to running for president! Last night was the Billboard Music Awards.. But it really should have been called the Beyonce, Drake and 21 Pilots awards. And the movie Alien Covenant opened over the weekend. Read More
  • The Loser Line

    What do you do at the bar when you are being hit on by some loser? Give them your number? Hell no! Give them the number to the loser line! Read More
  • BOSE's New Headphones! - 5/8/17

    Now Trending! - 5/8/17

    A lawsuit has been filed against BOSE for allegedly tracking peoples music choices without permission from an app associated with their noise cancelling headphones. Guardians of The Galaxy Volume 2 opened over the weekend, and The MTV Movie and TV awards were last night! Read More

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