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Winners can pick up prizes at the new 99.9 The Hawk offices, located at 2158 Avenue C, Suite 100, Bethlehem, PA 18017 (not far from the L.V. International Airport). 

Winners have 30 days to pick up non-dated prizes such as gift certificates and gift cards. For all dated prizes such as concert tickets and event passes, you have until the night before the show to claim your prize. If the concert or event is on a Saturday or Sunday, you MUST claim your prize by Thursday at 5pm.

Hours for prize pickup are Monday – Friday between 8am and 5pm. Closed on Federal Holidays, Black Friday and at 2pm the day prior to a holiday. If the Holiday falls on a Monday, our offices close at 2pm Friday.  Winners MUST present proper ID to get their prize – no exceptions.  Prizes are NOT transferable. Only the winner, their spouse or a dependent age 18 or older can claim the prize. 

Call (610) 266-7600 during normal business hours with any questions or email: Please refer to contest rules for details.

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Do you Remember… “The Song”? – 2/14/20

Do you Remember… “The Song”? – 2/14/20

In celebration of Valentine’s Day today, we asked you if you remember “The song”. What does that mean? Think about it… the first time you rocked the horizontal mamba… (Probably in the back of your parents station wagon or something like that). We shared our songs this morning!  

Now Trending! – 2/14/20

Now Trending! – 2/14/20

Huey Lewis made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel the other night. Huey told the audience he has lost 80% of his hearing.  Word is that there is no more touring for Huey, but some new music is on the way. Get ready for the return of American Idol. The season premier is Sunday. If you…

The Hawk Morning Show Confessional… 2/13/20

The Hawk Morning Show Confessional… 2/13/20

Dear Rick and Joel… My boyfriend and I have been having trouble for months. I want to break up with him, but think I’ll wait until after Valentine’s Day because I know he’s bought me jewelry and a spa package. My sister says it’s morally wrong that I accept the gifts and then break up…

New Dating App… w/ a TWIST! – 2/13/20

New Dating App… w/ a TWIST! – 2/13/20

A dude named Adam Cohen has developed a new dating app that discounts looks. The app is called S’More. Adam tells CBS that his app recommends five profiles a day and includes a voice recording, but no pictures. “Our app is about getting to know someone before deciding if you like them and even before…