I’ve been born in bred in The Valley and Poconos …I got my start in radio at WESS at East Stroudsburg University where I eventually got my degree in Communications. At WESS I did an Oldies show for 5 years…”the good stuff!”

    While all that was happening, I was also on the radio across town at WAEB-FM for a bit as well as WSBG/WVPO in Stroudsburg, then “The Bone” and went on to program “Spin Radio.” I joined The Hawk in 2009 in the promotions department…so chances are we’ve met before! From there I had the chance to do just about everything else behind the scenes from Engineering, scheduling commercials, website stuff…hey, it’s been a fun time! After a while they decided to keep me around as Assistant Program Director. Flash forward to today, I am Program Director of The Hawk…and couldn’t be prouder of our team and love that I get to ”hang” with you every weeknight!

    When I’m not working on the radio, I enjoy being outdoors! Hiking, biking and any aspect of being outside is great. I can do without the yard work…

    Otherwise…when I can break away, I can be found down at “the shore” – a hot day with a cool sea breeze does it for me!

    I also enjoy watching TV (who doesn’t!) Lately, I’ve been watching some of my “old” favorite movies like Twister and Tommy Boy and favorite TV shows to binge watch are 24 and Boston Legal.

    Shoot me an e-mail, to say hello and let me know what’s up…and thanks for listening to The Hawk!!