Kara Curry

Kara Curry has been keeping you company at work since 2001. What started as a part-time excuse to meet rock stars and get free stuff has turned into a surprisingly rewarding career. Hosting the Back to Work Perk and visiting workplaces all over the Lehigh Valley over the last 20+ years has led to many long-lasting friendships that Kara cherishes. When you’re singing along with Journey or Elton John or playing air-drums and air-guitar to Rush or Led Zeppelin at your desk, you can be sure Kara is doing the same.

When she’s not making you laugh, playing your favorite Classic Rock tunes and loading you up with free concert tickets and other goodies, Kara can be found outdoors hiking, camping and seeking adventure. Kara enjoys yoga, travel and spending time with her children and her boyfriend.

EMAIL KARA: [email protected]

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