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St. Luke’s University Health Network

Pennsylvania Deputy Treasurer, Julie Peachy.  St. Luke’s is partnering with the Pennsylvania Treasury to bring important information about the Keystone Scholars Program to new parents. What is the Keystone Scholars program, and why should new parents be interested?

Dr. Sethi – Early signs of a heart attack

Dr. Boulay – Biggest Obstacle in Cancer Patients Next Steps

Dr. Boulay—Early Symptoms of Gynecological Cancers

Dr. Boulay—Diet in Preventing Cancers

Dr. Boulay—Survival Rate of Gynecological Cancers

Dr. Coyle –What can we do to prevent child abuse?

Dr. Coyle – How do you approach child abuse if you think you see it?

Dr Coyle- What is Child Abuse Prevention Month?

Tips & Tricks to a Healthy Lifestyle from St. Luke’s Weight Loss Dietitian, Dorothy McFadden

Best Exercises for the Elderly from Community Health and Preventative Medicine Chairman, Dr. Bonnie Coyle

Keeping Aging Parents Safe at Home from Community Health and Preventative Medicine Chairman, Dr. Bonnie Coyle

Working with a Registered Dietician from Weight Loss Dietitian, Dorothy McFadden

Preparing Food Properly with Weight Loss Dietitian, Dorothy McFadden

Easy Ways to Transition into Losing Weight with Weight Loss Dietitian, Dorothy McFadden

Flu Series

Dietitian Heather Krick – Enjoying Holiday Goodies

Dietitian Heather Krick – Holiday Substitutions

Dietitian Heather Krick – Keeping on Track

Dietitian Heather Krick – Drinking to curb Appetite

Dietitian Heather Krick – Weight Loss Programs at St. Lukes

Dietitian Heather Krick – What is a Stroke



Ancestry RICKY! -8/11/20

Ancestry RICKY! -8/11/20

After hearing Joel gloat about for WEEKS, Rick finally decided to sign up and do some digging! Are Rick and Joel distantly related? That’s a scary thought! Who’s that hunk???? Posted by The Hawk Morning Show with Rick Michaels on Tuesday, 11 August 2020    

Now Trending! -8/11/20

Now Trending! -8/11/20

The top trending video of the week is of Jason Derulo jokingly hitting Will Smith in the chops with a golf club at a golf virtual practice center. Many thought it really happened but thanks to special effects, Will and the team created some missing front teeth for the incident. Check it out… Simon Cowell’s…

JUMP the SHARK WEEK! -8/10/20

JUMP the SHARK WEEK! -8/10/20

SPOILER ALERT!!!!! Is it me or has Shark Week actually jumped the shark? All week the big hype was Mike Tyson going head to head in an underwater bout with a killer shark. In all actuality it wasn’t that at all. First, the best part of the whole segment was before Tyson even entered the…