The Hawk Morning Show Confessional… 11/7/19

Thursday is the day we open the Hawk Confessional… remember you can always leave you confession on our direct line… 844-340-0400 OR you can email us at…. 


Here is our anonymous confession for this week…

Dear Rick and Joel – Here is my confession sort of. My friend Bob and I have been not only friends but our two companies have been doing business together from time to time.  Anyway long story short we both have been divorced for a couple of years and recently I ran into his ex at a gathering…we talked about old times and it was good to catch up. Then a few days later she friended me on Facebook and I accepted. She has been messaging me to go out and have drinks and dinner sometime and even though I thought it was awkward I kind of was interested.  I told Bob and he laughed it off saying go for it… but I could tell he was a little taken back. I am seriously considering going out for dinner and drinks but part of me thinks this could put a dent in my friendship with Bob.  Even if the get together is platonic I think it would bother him…and to be honest I am not sure of her motives either.  On the same token I think she is attractive and we are technically both single. So I humbly ask you listeners for their advice.  Do I go out or just not even go down that road. Thanks guys.