Rick Michaels

What can you say about Rick Michaels except he has done just about everything in the music business.  Born and raised in the Lehigh Valley, Rick started his radio career as a young intern at WKAP in Whitehall.  That led him to award winning radio shows in Cleveland, Detroit, Columbus and a syndicated show in North and South Carolina.  Rick also worked as Director of Promotions Midwest for the Universal Music Group promoting and touring with bands like Kiss, Elton John, Shania Twain, INXS, Hanson and Bon Jovi.  Rick now has been back in the Lehigh Valley for the past 20 years entertaining fans every morning on The Hawk Morning Show. 


Joel, a self-proclaimed old soul, joined The Hawk one month before his senior year of high school, quickly becoming a fan favorite for his young outlook and perspective. An Emmaus native, Joel fell in love with classic rock from a young age, having spent his youth working alongside his father as an event DJ with their business Shimer and Son and as a guitarist/vocalist playing many events in and around the Lehigh Valley. Off the air, you’ll find Joel enjoying his extensive vinyl collection, working in his home studio, or trying….but failing horribly at making a TikTok recipe in the kitchen. Trouble and mischief have always seemed to find Joel, and he is thrilled to share his crazy life experiences every morning on The Hawk Morning Show. Follow Joel on Instagram @joelonair.  

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Joel’s Driving Test… 3/8/21

Joel had another good old incident with his car over the weekend… which prompted another Rick driving test…  MORE FROM RICK AND JOEL…       MORE



A full-blown Italian guy recently came out on social media and left a message claiming a lot of Americans (including yours truly) are mispronouncing BRUSCHETTA incorrectly. Granted…there’s a lot of words that we tend to mispronounce from childbirth that we continue to say the same way no matter what anybody else thinks. WORDS YOU JUST…MORE



Rick and Joel discuss that time in your life when you realized that having a few bucks in your pocket really was a good thing. Your very first job! Do you remember where it was, what you were doing, and how much you were paid? MORE FROM RICK AND JOEL       MORE


National Cereal Day! -3/5/21

Ranker recently asked people to name their favorite breakfast cereal. They received 169,000 votes. Here are the top 10… 1. Cinnamon Toast Crunch 2. Frosted Flakes 3. Honey Nut Cheerios 4. Lucky Charms 5. Cap’n Crunch 6. Fruit Loops 7. Apple Jacks 8. Fruity Pebbles 9. Cap’n Crunch’s Crunch Berries 10. Rice Krispies Did your…MORE


The Listeners Court… 3/4/21

The case this morning is all about Mark Smith and Alex Colboth a man and woman who went out on three dates until Mark discovered Alex was a serial dater and had been also dating other men at the same time. Mark ended the dating scene with Alex and sent her the following text: “Hi…MORE

mask-4898571_640 (1)

A NEW (smelly) MASK! -3/4/21

About a week ago a video clip of a woman wearing a thong as a mask in a grocery store went viral after she was told by staff to put on a face covering. But if you thought that was bizarre…it gets even WEIRDER! Introducing vagina-scented masks… New Jersey native Angela Anderson has been making a killing…MORE


MOM-ISMS! -3/3/21

Growing up, Mom always had those catch phrases that we realize now made absolutely no sense. Like you CAN’T shower when a storm is coming because you might get electrocuted? What??? We share our favorite “Mom-Isms” this morning!  MORE FROM RICK AND JOEL         MORE


Deepfake TikTok videos of Tom Cruise watched by millions… 3/3/21

A new series of Tom Cruise videos have been racking up the views since appearing on TikTok last week. They feature the Mission: Impossible star swinging a golf club, performing a magic trick, and tripping over his own two feet in an unusual move for the normally agile actor. There’s just one small catch: It’s…MORE


DADS and BONGS! 3/2/21

After doctors told Seattle dad Rudy Willingham that his 8-month-old daughter should take in more calories ahead of her next hospital weigh-in, he came up with a creative solution: Since beer bongs help undergrads gain weight, he figured, maybe they’d work for his baby, too. Willingham didn’t let his daughter drink from just any bong —…MORE



Rick is on the lookout for an old school recipe that helps in getting a good night sleep. Something to cure the insomnia he’s been dealing with recently…      MORE FROM RICK AND JOEL           MORE

Morning Show Interviews


Rick chats with Colin Mochrie! – 10/25/19

Colin Mochrie and Brad Sherwood bring their infamous improv back to the State Theatre on 11/16 – it was great to chat with Colin himself this morning! For more information, and to purchase your tickets… click here.  MORE


Joel’s Full Interview w/ Rick Wakeman from YES! – 9/27/19

Joel had the chance to chat with legendary Yes Keyboard guru, Rick Wakeman about his upcoming tour and a few other things. Check out Rick Wakeman SOLO at Miller Symphony Hall in Allentown on 10/8. Keep listening for your chance to win tickets, or purchase them here.    MORE


Chriss Angel Interview! – 7/3/19

He is one of the most famous illusionists on the planet with roots right here in the Valley. It was great to chat once again this morning with Mr. Chriss Angel.MORE

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