Eagles Parade Details… 2/7/18

Eagles Parade Details… 2/7/18

If you are planning to attend the big celebration in Philly for the Eagles parade tomorrow, you better plan ahead. Over 3 million people are expected to pour into the city. Septa is offering free rides but only on certain lines and only on certain stops. The Philly Police are also preparing with several street closures and designated routes. For free information, text READY EAGLES to 888777.

Speaking of the parade, rumors are that the folks of Bud Light are freaking out at what will sure be a huge bill promising everyone a free beer since the birds won the Super Bowl. When you think about it, it’s not only just the beer, but the cleanup bill afterwards… since free beer, a massive celebration, and a street party in Philly all = a multi-day clean up. So the folks at Bud Light have hired… yup you guessed it… Morgan Freeman… to apologize in advance.

 After the whole Chris Hemsworth and Danny McBride Crocodile Dundee commercial during the big game, rumors have now surfaced that there will be a reboot of the movie… but yesterday Hemsworth said that it’s not gonna happen! Thank god…

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