The Hawk Morning Show Confessional!- 11/8/18

The Hawk Morning Show Confessional!- 11/8/18

This morning we opened the confessional… where we allow some Lehigh Valley residents to cleanse themselves of something they did or do that they feel they need to tell someone because of the guilt. You can give your name or not — but the listeners decide your penance.

If you want to add to our confessions… the number is 844-340-0400.  You can leave your confession and we will get to it as fast as we can.

We had another great set of confessions this morning… first a husband called in to confess that when his toddler does a number two in his pants, he waits until his wife gets home to have her change the dirty diaper! Pretty low…

And our second confessional came from a woman that admitted that when in college, she used to sell nude photos and videos to make some extra money on the side… now she’s worried that it may come back to haunt her now that she’s actively looking for a job.





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