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What can you say about Rick Michaels except he has done just about everything in the music business.  Born and raised in the Lehigh Valley, Rick started his radio career as a young intern at WKAP in Whitehall.  That led him to award winning radio shows in Cleveland, Detroit, Columbus and a syndicated show in North and South Carolina.  Rick also worked as Director of Promotions Midwest for the Universal Music Group promoting and touring with bands like Kiss, Elton John, Shania Twain, INXS, Hanson and Bon Jovi.  Rick now has been back in the Lehigh Valley for the past 17 years entertaining fans every morning on the Hawk Morning Show with Rick Michaels.

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Now Trending! – 12/14/18

If you remember back a few weeks ago, we brought you that story of a couple from England that dropped their engagement ring down the sewer in Times Square. The men in blue that took the time to retrieve it for them. Well yesterday on The Ellen Show, she reunited the couple and the Cops…


The Hawk Morning Show Confessional…- 12/13/18

Every Thursday we have a Lehigh Valley resident enter the Hawk Confessional to confess something he or she did or does… then we deliver a penance or pass judgement. Now I know you’re saying… who does this?! While I don’t have an answer for that, we have been flooded with confessions on the confession line which…


Now Trending! – 12/13/18

An Apple Watch is being credited with helping to save a man’s life by detecting a potentially deadly heart condition. Ed Dentel from Richmond, Virginia downloaded an ECG app, more commonly known as an EKG, onto his watch. The Apple Watch actually found a heart defect. Ed is now being treated for his heart issue.…


Baby It’s REALLY Cold Outside!! -12/12/18

It never ceases to amaze me when there is some kind of controversy about being politically correct in this day and age that some people will sink their teeth into in and just not let it go.  This whole Baby Its Cold Outside thing just will not go away with more radio stations banning the…


Morning Show – Varsity Video Gamer’s! 12/12/18

The state of Alabama will soon officially recognize VIDEO GAMES as a varsity High School sport. The National Federation of State High Schools is expected to write rules for Video Game leagues. Colleges are currently awarding scholarships to outstanding Video Game players so they can represent them in e-sports leagues.

2018 MTV Video Music Awards - Arrivals

Now Trending! – 12/12/18

Well the Oscars are scrambling to find their new host after Kevin Hart backed out of the hosting gig due to tweets from his past. Comedian Dr. Ken Jeong says he wants the gig… and honestly, that might actually be pretty good!     It amazes me what goes viral on social media these days.…


That Ain’t Right! – 12/11/18

Handing you the mic this morning for another edition of THAT AIN’T RIGHT! An open vent line for you to get anything off your chest.  


Latest from the CDC/ PC Holidays! -12/11/18

The CDC has issued a warning not to eat raw cookie dough this holiday season… now not the tube cookie dough… we are talking about mom’s homemade stuff. Obviously, flour and eggs could cause e-coli which unless you want to spend your holiday driving the porcelain bus with your butt… I mean this can’t be…

22nd Annual Jonsson Cancer Center Foundation's "Taste for a Cure" Fundraiser Honoring Yael and Scooter Braun - Arrivals

Now Trending! – 12/11/18

Well the new light, family friendlier version of Deadpool “once upon a Deadpool” is about to hit theaters. Fred Savage just said last week that the flick is really family friendly. A video is making the rounds of Deadpool and Savage going at it about Nickelback…too funny! Elf Trash ice cream has hit the stores!…


Morning Show – Phone Blast! – 12/10/18

Hey Rick and Joel… my brother still collects comic books even though he’s now a grown man. It drives his wife crazy, especially the amount of money he spends on them. With all the superhero movies coming out right now, I thought it might be fun to stir the pot with a phone blast. Thanks,…

Morning Show Interviews


John Lodge Interview! – 10/12/18

A true rock and roll icon… 6 decades of doing what he loves with the Moody Blues.  He is currently embarking on his first solo tour and will hit the Sellersville Theater on Monday, October 15th.  We were very excited to have Rock and Roll Hall of Famer and my friend John Lodge on the…

"A Time to Kill" Broadway Opening Night - Arrivals

Morning Show – Dee Snyder Interview… 10/5/18

This dude has been in Rock and Roll for over 4 decades. When he first surfaced everyone thought he was going to be a flash in the pan but they were wrong. I have known him for at least 30 years and besides being a rock icon he has appeared on Reality TV shows, a…

Classic Rock Roll of Honour Awards 2015 - Arrivals

Nils Lofgren Interview – 8/30/18

He is a guitar legend. He has played with Neil Young and Crazy Horse and has also been a member of the E Street Band. He is also playing the Musikfest Café on September 19th. It was great to chat with Rock and Roll Hall of Famer and my buddy Nils Lofgren this morning… Click…

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