Rick Michaels

What can you say about Rick Michaels except he has done just about everything in the music business.  Born and raised in the Lehigh Valley, Rick started his radio career as a young intern at WKAP in Whitehall.  That led him to award winning radio shows in Cleveland, Detroit, Columbus and a syndicated show in North and South Carolina.  Rick also worked as Director of Promotions Midwest for the Universal Music Group promoting and touring with bands like Kiss, Elton John, Shania Twain, INXS, Hanson and Bon Jovi.  Rick now has been back in the Lehigh Valley for the past 17 years entertaining fans every morning on the Hawk Morning Show with Rick Michaels.

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"The Beatles: Eight Days a Week - The Touring Years" World Premiere - Arrivals

A Few Things… 6/21/18

Sir Paul McCartney will make his Carpool Karaoke debut tonight with James Corden but yesterday released some clips from his new album called Egypt Station. Don’t get me wrong, I love the guy, but bring back the old school stuff like Wings…for the love of God!. Yesterday Canada announced it will make weed legal across…

Plain hot dog with big sausage

Now Trending! – 6/21/18

Well if you are headed to a Phillies game in the near future, you better watch out for that flying hot dog! Kathy McVay was seated behind home plate at the Phillies-Cardinals game at Citizens Bank Park this week when The Phillie Phanatic started shooting hot dogs into the stands using his hot dog launcher.…


Morning Show – Restaurant Secrets… – 6/20/18

Curtis Mays was recently grossed out by his meal at the Bohemian Hall and Beer Garden in Queens, New York. He ordered a burger with cheddar cheese, mayo, caramelized onions and onion rings. When his waitress handed him his receipt, it read “please spit in it too.” The restaurant fired the server and gave Curtis…


Now Trending! – 6/20/18

Get ready for another Jurassic Park installment! Chris Pratt and Jeff Golbum return for Jurassic Park: Fallen Kingdom. This one is all about saving the dinosaurs from a volcano about to erupt on their island. Jurassic Park: Fallen Kingdom opens in theaters tomorrow. Tomorrow is National Selfie Day and the folks at McDonalds are offering…

Planet earth at night

A Few Things… 6/20/18

Weird Universe claims a transparent shower curtain that holds Apple products like MacBook’s, iPad’s and the iPhone’s is selling on Amazon for $24.95. People can place their gadgets in the curtain’s waterproof pouches before using them while showering. President Trump officially directed the Pentagon to establish a sixth branch of the U.S. military in space…

Three Chocolate Biscuits Filled With Cream Isolated on White Background

A Few Things… 6/19/18

Today is National Eat an Oreo day.  This is different than National Oreo Day, which we had earlier this year. So have at it… eat 1, 100, 1,000… whatever! This also cracked me up…Sex robots will soon be able to say ‘no’ to unwanted advances from humans. Dr Sergi Santos, the Spanish inventor of sexbot Samantha,…


Morning Show – Rick’s Ride to Cancun/Joel Goes Skydiving! – 6/19/18

Nice to be back from a little vacation… both Joel and I were out last week. I was in Cancun at my daughters wedding… and what happened on the flight to Cancun… you will not believe! Joel was on a separate vacation… (thank god)… and decided to go Skydiving! So this morning, we both chatted…

ABC's "Roseanne" TV Series Premiere - Arrivals

Now Trending! – 6/19/18

Well its looks like there will be a Roseanne spin off after all.  Roseanne Barr has reportedly agreed to walk away from the show and characters she created in order to allow Roseanne‘s cast and crew to move forward with a proposed spin off. Barr apparently will not be involved financially or creatively in the Sara Gilbert-centered spin off about…


Morning Show – Phoneblast! – 6/8/18

Hey Rick.  I love my son, Ryan. He’s worked at the same little grocery store since he was in junior high, working his way up from bag boy. They just made him assistant manager this week, plus it’s his birthday! He is so nice to customers.  I was wondering if you could have some fun…


Now Trending! 6/8/18

What is the secret to losing weight?  Healthy eating, avoiding carbs, working out? Everybody has an opinion about that but recently Kelly Clarkson dropped a significant amount of weight and claims she never worked out doing it… The Kelly Clarkson weight loss treatment? Count me in! In a complete 180, we wanted to let you…

Morning Show Interviews


Kal Penn Interview!

You may remember him from National Lampoons Van Wilder or the Harold and Kumar movie series… or the TV show How I Met Your Mother.  Now he has gone from stoner… to white house press secretary on the hit TV show Designated Survivor which I am totally hooked on. It was awesome to talk to…


Billy Gardell Interview

He’s coming to the Sands Bethlehem Event Center on Saturday and joined me on the show this morning… one of the funniest dudes on planet earth – BILLY GARDELL BABY!   You can still grab tickets! Click here for more information.    


Jon Anderson Interview

My most recent guest is an iconic rock legend that has spent the last 50 years providing our ears with some awesome music.  He is the founder of Yes and is currently on tour with ARW, a band consisiting of Trevor Rabin, famous Yes member,and also famous for his movie soundtracks along with the legendary…

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