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What can you say about Rick Michaels except he has done just about everything in the music business.  Born and raised in the Lehigh Valley, Rick started his radio career as a young intern at WKAP in Whitehall.  That led him to award winning radio shows in Cleveland, Detroit, Columbus and a syndicated show in North and South Carolina.  Rick also worked as Director of Promotions Midwest for the Universal Music Group promoting and touring with bands like Kiss, Elton John, Shania Twain, INXS, Hanson and Bon Jovi.  Rick now has been back in the Lehigh Valley for the past 17 years entertaining fans every morning on the Hawk Morning Show with Rick Michaels.

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Every Hallmark Christmas Movie… 10/19/18

Well, it’s starting already!! Yes, the onslaught of holiday movies especially on The Hallmark Channel.  Now I am no scrooge when it comes to holiday flicks, I’m just more of a Christmas Vacation type guy…  but is it just me, or does every holiday movie on The Hallmark Channel have the same plot?! Seriously!!  


Morning Show – Phone Blast! – 10/19/18

Dear Rick… my friend Gail is one of those people who will go out and buy an expensive new outfit before an important event – then return it to the store the next day. She’s been doing it for at least a couple years and hasn’t been busted, so I thought you could come up…


Now Trending! – 10/19/18

Well Marvel movie fans have been asking the question… will there ever be another Spiderman flick since he was apparently killed off in the Avengers Infinity War flick?  Well last night on Jimmy Kimmel, Tom Holland the current Spiderman dropped in and then dropped the bomb… look for another Spiderman flick to hit theaters next…


Hawk Morning Show Confessional… 10/18/18

Every Thursday we have a Lehigh Valley resident enter the Hawk Confessional to confess something he or she did or does… then we deliver a penance or pass judgement. Now I know you’re saying… who does this?! While I don’t have an answer for that, we have been flooded with confessions on the confession line which…


Butt RECORDING! – 10/18/18

We all have heard of butt dialing, but now butt RECORDING is becoming a thing. Many folks like yours truly has a recorder on the phone whether it be an app or just having Siri take a note. Well this one dude who was in the car driving apparently activated his recorder without knowing it…

Hawk Morning Show Life Hack 316x278

Hawk Morning Show Life Hack – 10/18/18

Our Life Hacks are little tidbits of information that can help your lifestyle out or tell you where to get a good deal…things like that. Today’s Life Hack is good for all the techy people out there that constantly lose their phone. Instead, try activating Siri or Google Assistant. You’ll have to enable voice activation…


Now Trending! – 10/18/18

Every wonder why Gary Busey seems so off the rails most  of the time. Well on Dr. Phil yesterday he admitted to snorting cocaine off of his dog…..well that explains a lot   Just a heads  up kids while you are getting ready for trick or treating word on the street is houses that have…


Morning Show – The Lehigh Valley’s Best Breakfast… 10/17/18

Right now we are taking your nominations for The Lehigh Valley’s Best Breakfast… so this morning we opened up the phones and posed you with the question: who makes the best breakfast in the valley? Make sure you take part in our annual Best of the Lehigh Valley awards… nominate your favorite breakfast spot until…

Hawk Morning Show Life Hack 316x278

Hawk Morning Show Life Hack! – 10/17/18

Our Life Hacks are little tidbits of information that can help your lifestyle out or tell you where to get a good deal…things like that. Today we have a good one for all the foodie lovers out there. Biting into a crunchy taco, only to have the bottom crack and the fillings spill out… definitely…


Now Trending! – 10/17/18

Well if you heard screams last night…it wasn’t trick or treaters…it wasn’t someone watching a horror flick loudly…it was someone that was upset at the fact that YouTube crashed! For nearly two hours… the world did not know how to handle the fact that for some reason everyone on the planet earth was unable to…

Morning Show Interviews


John Lodge Interview! – 10/12/18

A true rock and roll icon… 6 decades of doing what he loves with the Moody Blues.  He is currently embarking on his first solo tour and will hit the Sellersville Theater on Monday, October 15th.  We were very excited to have Rock and Roll Hall of Famer and my friend John Lodge on the…

"A Time to Kill" Broadway Opening Night - Arrivals

Morning Show – Dee Snyder Interview… 10/5/18

This dude has been in Rock and Roll for over 4 decades. When he first surfaced everyone thought he was going to be a flash in the pan but they were wrong. I have known him for at least 30 years and besides being a rock icon he has appeared on Reality TV shows, a…

Classic Rock Roll of Honour Awards 2015 - Arrivals

Nils Lofgren Interview – 8/30/18

He is a guitar legend. He has played with Neil Young and Crazy Horse and has also been a member of the E Street Band. He is also playing the Musikfest Café on September 19th. It was great to chat with Rock and Roll Hall of Famer and my buddy Nils Lofgren this morning… Click…

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