Cheering beer

A Few Things… 8/17/18

Coors Light saved a man the other day when a beer salesman saw a guy getting ready to jump off a bridge in Minneapolis. He stopped, grabbed a case of Coors Light, and offered it up to the guy if he came down off the ledge…he did! The Internet began freaking out yesterday after hearing…


Morning Show – TV Reboots… – 8/17/18

We live in a world of reboots on TV now.  Apparently the days of fun creative TV is not happening and they are just dredging up old successful shows to fill the void.  Here is a list of some of the old shows that are making a comeback.     Bridezillas Charmed Cold justice Dynasty…


A Few Things… 8/16/18

By now a lot of you have heard the story of the 6 year-old girl from Utah named Kaitlin who recently ordered $350 worth of toys from Amazon!!  Kaitlin’s mom allowed her to order a Barbie for her birthday. Kaitlin logged on to Amazon to see when her doll would arrive. She then ordered $350…


Hawk Morning Show Confessional – 8/16/18

This morning we opened the confessional… where we allow some LV residents to cleanse themselves of something they did or do that they feel the need to tell someone because of the guilt. You can give your name or not — but the listeners decide your Penance. If you want to add to our confessions……

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